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Message from Master Kuthumi

Message from Master Kuthumi
Channeled by Stephanie Azaria

September 14, 2009

I greet you on the Ray of Love and Wisdom Beloved Ones;

I have been away from you for a while, but I have not left you. In Truth, I cannot leave you, for I AM you. I am not separate from you in any way. No, I am always with you, but I have been silent because you have been offered a chance to take important steps into your Selves, by your Selves. During the last 5 or 6 weeks, many of you have come face to face with your innermost demons. Your core issues, your most ancient misqualified energies have been rediscovered and unearthed, and you have had ample opportunity to release your Self from the situations and belief systems that have kept you bound to the 3D plane for centuries and centuries.

This has occurred for so many of you because it is time. During the summer months this beloved planet has been bombarded with keys and codes of Light that have dedensified your physical bodies and activated your pineal glands so that you can now remember who you truly are. Whether you Know it or not, this is so. If you choose, right now, you can leave the old gravitational cycle of repetitive pain and suffering behind and experience liberation into the 5th and 6th Dimensional experience of you.

You were integrated at the levels of mind and heart to achieve inner union/fusion at the Summer Solstice and the eclipses that followed offered one opportunity after another to shift into a higher, more expansive level of consciousness. Now that you can remember who you truly are, (and you can, if you will just call up the courage to look), it is time for you to step up into your true purpose and begin to BE your true Divine Self.

If you still don't know what your purpose is, please rest assured you do not need to know at this time. What is most important is to allow your Self to Be, exactly as you are, without judgment or hesitation, so that the fullest expression of you can manifest. In this way your purpose will emerge, for you have always carried it in your heart, and it is only by existing day to day with a fully open heart that your purpose can emerge from within, as it was always meant to do.

Between now and the end of this very vital year, it is possible for you to fully grasp your mission and the Truth of your higher purpose. The 9:9:9 Star Gate has allowed for an intense blast of Light to help further your process. There will be two more 9:9:9 Star Gates this month, on 9/18 and 9/27, and these will further the integration process of the powerful energies that have been offered to you this past week. Each of these Star Gates occurs on an 11 day, and the second of these, this coming Friday, occurs on the Virgo New Moon. 9:9:9 is the ultimate energy of completion and a new Moon is of course a brand new beginning. You are being prepared for the most powerful Star Gate of the year, the 11:11:11 Star Gate, when any one of you who is ready may ride the Ascension wave fully into the next Dimension and take up residence there.

Many of you know that this is the first time ever in human history that Ascension has become possible while remaining in physical form. This is an amazing adventure but it is not without its attendant complications. Once the journey to 5 and 6D has been completed, you will need to learn how to move easily back and forth between dimensions. This is the reason this new phenomenon has been made possible. You see you are here to bring the beloved Mother Gaia into Ascension too. This requires you to be as lightning rods, acting as bridges between the higher realms and the Earth.

Beginning next year, this function will become a big part of your daily existence. It is vital that you leave all old attachments behind now and begin to practice living fully in the Dimension of Love and Unity. Practice practice practice.

Do not focus on those earthly issues that continue to try and hold you to the 3D experience. You no longer live there and it is, as always, completely up to you to decide where you will place your conscious awareness. It is always a good rule of thumb to focus where the positive is, and acknowledge the negative but do not live there.

Know that I AM always with you, and though my voice may be more quiet than before, if you call on me I AM with you instantaneously. I and all the Masters are filled with Joy at your amazing progress, and we are all standing by to help you as you need it. But the Truth is, you are Masters your Selves, and unless you take these steps your Selves you cannot be afforded the chance to realize your own level of Evolution.

And so it is.

In Love All ways,
I Am Kuthumi

Channeled by Stephanie Azaria

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