zaterdag 6 juni 2009

A Message From Mira From the Pleiadian High Council

Greetings, I am Mira.

I am always pleased to speak with you. We come as friends. We want to get to know you and to have you get to know us. We love the idea of being with our Earth family again. It is inevitable that this will occur. We will be delighted and you will be happy because we have such a connection with you. You will remember it. You will be free from the secrets and control.

The time of reunion is getting closer. We have more leads on and around the planet. This gives us even greater communication with you. We can keep a closer pulse on people and events. We are also preparing for the eventuality of cataclysmic occurrences. Take stock in what we say. Please make some preparations for your selves and your families.

Some of the forces on the Earth like to give the run-around. We say that turnabout is fair play and they have not seen anything yet. We can out think, out strategize and out maneuver anything these forces try to do to prevent the inevitable. It is a summation of many star stems and the efforts of many that will bring out the necessary events so that we can all be together.

We have experience that spells success. You can believe in us and in the will of the people. Most of the people on the planet welcome our arrival. Some are afraid but we will have such good streams of communication that most will be peaceful when we come.

Once the truth about us is told you will begin to see monumental changes on the Earth. This is what the dark forces have feared for they will be forced to tell the truth. People will wake up and they will mistrust many who have been in power including some of the churches.

As people awaken they will become more empowered. People will know there is more to life than what they have believed. Some will want to change their lives completely. They will wonder why they have felt so limited. The awakening from the forces of Light will bring commensurate openings in the minds of humanity. Consciousness will shift and a new day will dawn upon the Earth.

Life on the Earth will become even more beautiful. People’s hearts will open and they will begin to be filled with joy. They will realize they are not alone and they have never been alone. There will be revelations and sharing. Joint projects amongst us will be fulfilling and interesting. There will be a lot to learn. Some of you will have ambassadorial roles as we need to get to know each other. There will be special teams who are well trained for this part of our reunion.

It might take some time for things to stabilize. Adjustments will be required. We will not be taking over in any way. We will be your helpful visitors of good will and tranquility.

Some say that change does not come easily. We say that change will easily come to you. It is a natural process. Once the Earth’s inhabitants realize the potential of the reunion with the space family they will begin to feel free and expanded. They will embrace the change and be pleased to live life more abundantly.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

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