dinsdag 9 juni 2009

A Message from SaLuSa from Galactic Federation June 8,2009

Dear friends, matters are reaching a level where there must soon be a response, as the need to introduce changes becomes more pressing. The old regime cling to their hopes that the old ways can still be maintained, refusing to admit that their period of rule is nearly over. Where the people have gained is because they have become focussed upon what they want to see changed, and the energy has gone forth that will achieve it. Have we not mentioned so often that power within has the ability to create, and it is bringing your vision into manifestation. Your power of thought is moving the changes along, and breaking down any resistance to them. They cannot be stopped and it is only a matter of time before you see moves taking place, that signal the beginning of the end for the dark forces. It is already too late for them to change course, and their only answer is to try and sabotage any attempt to have them removed. However, they reckon without our presence and the mighty forces of Heaven that have decreed victory for mankind at the close of this cycle.

The power of thought with the energy of love behind it, is the most potent force in the Universe and used wisely has no limit to what it can achieve. Changes on Earth can be fearsome until it is realised that with them chaos must inevitably come. That is until you see the pattern behind them, and the opportunities to take a leap forward. We note that your levels of consciousness are growing quite quickly, and that they are allowing you to grasp the greater picture. Now you see that there is a coming together of so many dear souls that are here to participate in the changes. They do not necessarily have any allegiance to other groups, and their power lies in their ability to achieve their goals and move on to their next challenge. They work quietly without attracting attention, and herein lays one of their strengths. When you bear in mind that there are millions of enlightened souls working in this way, you can see how difficult it is for the dark to stop their activities.

Keeping faith and supporting those that have taken on the mantle of leadership, is something you can do by sending them your Light and with it your desire that they shall be protected. This also allows us to join forces with you through the Law of Attraction, and we are most joyful that together we can become a formidable force for good. Our emergence into the public arena is not far away, and with our knowledge of who amongst your leaders is ready to back us, our plan for open contact is ready. We have also allowed a greater number of sightings, and it concerns your dark ones as they have no way of preventing us from doing so. They may have sophisticated weaponry but it is as you might say, child’s play to us to neutralise its effects. There is no development of warlike weapons that we do not monitor, and whilst we cannot stop you researching them we can ensure that they are not used for mass destruction. Again we must respect your freewill, but we can represent those of the ordinary folk who would otherwise be at the mercy of such weaponry.

The desire for world peace is going to suddenly break out, and will be powered by yet another rising up in your consciousness levels. The Spiritual Hierarchy does not force the issue, but allow you to bring peace into being in your own way. However, having sent out such a strong desires, they will help you create the conditions that will bring it about. Little can happen of any major importance until you have a world that is united in its quest for peace. It means having to give up power bases, and disposing of all weapons designed for war like purposes. Most importantly it means working together for the good of all mankind, and remembering that Mother Earth is also allied to it. There will be much to do in readiness for Ascension, and by your measure only a short time in which to achieve it. From our point of view time is not an obstacle as we can easily adjust our activities, and ensure that the final result is in accordance with the Master Plan for your release from the cycle of duality.

You are in the midst of the most far-reaching events that you have experienced in this present cycle, and they are of cosmic proportions. Therefore you will see this period out as decreed, and nothing will prevent the process of Ascension coming to its conclusion in 2012. Whatever you treasure on Earth will be returned to you many times over, but in its higher manifestation. No one can deny you your freewill choice to stay in your present dimension, but understand that you loose nothing but gain much by choosing to ascend. Sub-consciously you have worked hard for this very period and the opportunity it offers, but some have not progressed sufficiently to realise that the changes you face are perfectly natural. All life forms are constantly moving ever forward to make a finer expression of them. It never stops until you reach the Source Of All That Is, and even then another cycle will send you out again for further experience.

You would put your heart and soul into becoming part of Ascension if you knew what it meant for your evolutionary progress. By comparison to where you are now, it involves an almost unimaginable upliftment into dimensions that you would consider to be paradise. Furthermore, they are your true home and you already know them although those memories have been clouded. Very little at present on Earth can compare with the beauty that awaits you. Nothing can compare with the peace and happiness that is to be yours. We talk not of some vague heavenly abode, but a place of vibrancy and purpose which is the creation of those that dwell within it. Life is no longer a chore or a disappointment, but one of fulfilment and joy experienced in the Love and Light.

Those souls that lag behind determine by how much progress in each cycle is delayed, but at these end-times they can no longer affect the outcome and will simply be moved to another Universe. They will as always continue their evolution; with much help from those who serve others and do so with great love and caring. Ask yourselves Dear Ones, why are you getting so much attention, and why should other evolved civilisations spend their time nurturing the people of Earth. The answer is that we are All One, and joined by the immutable link that holds all forms of consciousness within it. We are a part of God that contains all that is within this Universe, and we share the great energy of Love that holds all together.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

zaterdag 6 juni 2009

Some of the civilizations who visit the Earth

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A Message From Mira From the Pleiadian High Council

Greetings, I am Mira.

I am always pleased to speak with you. We come as friends. We want to get to know you and to have you get to know us. We love the idea of being with our Earth family again. It is inevitable that this will occur. We will be delighted and you will be happy because we have such a connection with you. You will remember it. You will be free from the secrets and control.

The time of reunion is getting closer. We have more leads on and around the planet. This gives us even greater communication with you. We can keep a closer pulse on people and events. We are also preparing for the eventuality of cataclysmic occurrences. Take stock in what we say. Please make some preparations for your selves and your families.

Some of the forces on the Earth like to give the run-around. We say that turnabout is fair play and they have not seen anything yet. We can out think, out strategize and out maneuver anything these forces try to do to prevent the inevitable. It is a summation of many star stems and the efforts of many that will bring out the necessary events so that we can all be together.

We have experience that spells success. You can believe in us and in the will of the people. Most of the people on the planet welcome our arrival. Some are afraid but we will have such good streams of communication that most will be peaceful when we come.

Once the truth about us is told you will begin to see monumental changes on the Earth. This is what the dark forces have feared for they will be forced to tell the truth. People will wake up and they will mistrust many who have been in power including some of the churches.

As people awaken they will become more empowered. People will know there is more to life than what they have believed. Some will want to change their lives completely. They will wonder why they have felt so limited. The awakening from the forces of Light will bring commensurate openings in the minds of humanity. Consciousness will shift and a new day will dawn upon the Earth.

Life on the Earth will become even more beautiful. People’s hearts will open and they will begin to be filled with joy. They will realize they are not alone and they have never been alone. There will be revelations and sharing. Joint projects amongst us will be fulfilling and interesting. There will be a lot to learn. Some of you will have ambassadorial roles as we need to get to know each other. There will be special teams who are well trained for this part of our reunion.

It might take some time for things to stabilize. Adjustments will be required. We will not be taking over in any way. We will be your helpful visitors of good will and tranquility.

Some say that change does not come easily. We say that change will easily come to you. It is a natural process. Once the Earth’s inhabitants realize the potential of the reunion with the space family they will begin to feel free and expanded. They will embrace the change and be pleased to live life more abundantly.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

The Energies for June 2009 - a message from Archangel Michael channeled by Celia Fenn

The Energies for June 2009 - a message from Archangel Michael channeled by Celia Fenn

The Energies for June 2009a message from Archangel Michael channeled by Celia FennThursday, 4 June, 2009 at South Africa

The Diamond Prism and the Planetary Awakening

Beloved Lightworkers, as you enter this month of June 2009, you are experiencing some of the most powerful Cosmic energies that are assisting in lifting your Planet into the Higher Frequencies of Light. The Planet is Radiant and has bcome a Diamond Prism of Light in the Cosmos. You are being assisted in this process of Awakening and Transformation by so many Beings of Light, Angelic Beings, Elemental Beings, Galactic Beings, and your Beloved Cetacean families. It is not an easy time to be incarnated in a physical body, for there is so much that is happening in the Realms of Light that must be integrated and incarnated by you, that you may, at times, feel confused and lost and disconnected. Beloved Ones, at this time, it is so important that you remain grounded within your physical being and that you hold your energy and light in your heart and in your center. That is the most important and powerful work that you can do right now, as you ground the Cosmic light into your bodies and into Planet Earth.

The Diamond Light energy will intensify at the Full Moon on the 7th of June. The Full Moon in Sagittarius, a Fire energy, along with the Sun in Gemini, an Air energy, will provide much volatile energy that will contribute to the energy of change and transformation in your lives and on the Planet. This energy will continue to intensify to the 21st of June, which is the mid-year Planetary Solstice. At this time, the energy of Awakening will activate in the lives of many people around the Planet, as more and more souls awken to the reality of their Cosmic Being and Existence. You are all Starchildren, beings of Light and Spirit in Human incarnation, and you are awakening to your Cosmic nature and essence. But, even as you flow the Diamond Cosmic Light into your own Cosmic Heart Center and learn to dream your way through the Stars, it is so important that you be Grounded and Present, and that you remember that you chose to be here on Planet Earth in order to co-create the New Earth Reality. You are here, Beloved Ones, to ground Heaven on Earth, and to be the manifestation of that energy.

So, dearest Lightworkers, at this time of great soul awakening, it will be useful for you to focus your energy into Grounding, Connection and being Present. Be fully grounded in your physical body and enjoy each day of your life as a gift from Spirit. Be grateful and thankful for each day and its blessings and learnings. Remember to give thanks at the end of each day for all that has been given. The essence of Higher Dimensional life is Connection and Inter-connection. Even if the chaos of dimensional flux makes you feel disconnected on the outer levels of existence, go within, into your beautiful Diamond Heart Center, and feel the deep inner connection to All That Is and to all other Beings. Know that "disconnection" and "aloneness" are essentially third-dimensional experiences, and that when you enter into the awareness of the soul state of multi-dimensional inter-connectivity, then you are always supported in the flow of Abundant Love at all times.

Beloved Lightworkers, the most effective way to experience the blessings of Grounding and Connection is through the experience of Presence. This is the way in which you center your energy clearly into your present material reality, that you have created, and open yourself to receiving the blessings that exist within that Reality Creation. To be "present" in your own life means to take the time to experience each moment and each action as a miracle and as a blessing of love. To be Present means to value and deeply bless all that is in your life as a gift from the Creative Source. Beloved Ones, in this time of accelerated light energy, many of you are trying to live your material lives at the "speed of light" that is comfortable for your souls, but remember that the Sacred Union is a relationship between the Body and the Soul, and that the Body must feel equally as happy within the Union. The pace of the Body is slower. The Body needs time to experience, evaluate, discern and discriminate, in order to be comfortable. When your soul and spirit energies are aligned with your physical energies, then you will indeed feel the infinite expansion of Cosmic awareness, but you will also feel rested, relaxed and at ease within your physical being. If, at this time, you feel tense and anxious, or depressed, or if you have other physical symptoms of distress, or even if you feel ungrounded, then you will need to slow things down, until your body regains its sense of comfort and well-being.

The energies in June will support this process of Balance. The sun will be in Gemini, which is the sign of the "Twins". In the New Earth, this is the energy of the Twin Flame, and its energy will work within you to create Solar Balance between the inner aspects of the Divine Masculine and Feminine and will Balance and Activate the Golden Flame of Christ Consciousnes that will contribute to awakening and balancing on a deep level. Also, in June, the Planets of Venus and Mars, which represent the inner Masculine and Feminine energies, will travel together through the sign of Taurus. Taurus, the second house, ruled by Venus, creates a focus on Beauty, Grace, Art, Comfort and Abundance. It is a time to relax and focus on the well-being and joy of life in a physical body on Planet Earth. Allow the energies to lift you up and support you in your process of integration and balance at all times.

The Cosmic "Communion" of Light and the Cetacean Family of LightBeloved Ones, at this time of Cosmic Reconnection and Soul Awakening, you are indeed becoming aware of your roles as members of the Cosmic Stellar Community, or Star Nations. You are representatives of the New Earth Star, the Blue Star Planet. As such, you are entering into co-creative partnerships with other Cosmic Beings and civilizations who co-create on the Quantum Fields of Light. Your most close connection here is with the Cetacean Family of Light, the Whales and Dolphins, who are not only your Star brothers and sisters, but they are your Ancestors and your fellow travellers in your Earth Star Journey.Beloved Lightworkers, at this time, the Cetacean Consciousness is entering into a Conscious Communion or partnership with the Human Collective to assist Planet Earth to evolve towards the Stargates of Higher Consciousness. Many of you, as beloved Human Family of Light, will be called to work with the Ancient Ones, the Cetaceans, and to move the Earth Dream forward in Conscious and Awakened partnerships.

The Cetacean Consciousness is an advanced Stellar navigation consciousness. They are the "pilots" of the Cosmic Ocean and the navigators of the Cosmic Journey. Many of you in Human incarnation are also "pilots" of the Cosmic Journey, and you are beginning to feel your "wings" unfurl as you prepare to resume your roles as Cosmic travellers for the Planetary Consciousness, as Dreamers of the New Dream for All. At this time, the Cetacean Consciousness will support you as you take your first "flights" into the Cosmic Heart and the Cosmic Dream.

Journey through Infinity by Blue Diamond Technologies...experience the Journey! (click here) So, Beloved Ones, expect an intensification of the energies of Awakening on your Planet in June. But, amid the chaos, find that deep inner connection that will sustain you and support you in your changes and transformations. You are becoming an awakened Cosmic Traveller.

The Energies for June 2009

The Full Moon falls on the 7th of June. The Full Moon will be in Sagittarius, which is a Fire sign. This is a good time for a Fire Ceremony to release all that is not needed and to welcome the power of Fire in its work of transformation. It is a powerful time for embracing the energy of Fire, the energy of Spirit, within your own Heart and Soul. When the Fire energy moves through a Diamond Heart, it creates the most beautiful rainbows of Light that can be shared with many other souls. Allow your Heart to become a Diamond Prism and to radiate the rainbow colors of your soul to others at this time. Be a Rainbow Receiver, and open your Heart to receive the Rainbow Light of others into your Being as One.The 21st of June is the Planetary Solstice, and this will be a time of awakening, healing and balancing for the Planet and her inhabitants. Poweful waves of Diamond Light will continue to illuminate the Planet from the Cosmic Heart of All That Is. Those who open their Diamond Heart prism to receive these energies will be able to work as transmitters of the Diamond Light into the Hearts of Others at this time, and will become powerful agents of transmutation and change for the Planet.

On the 22nd of June the Sun moves into Cancer, and it is New Moon in Cancer. Cancer is a Water sign that is ruled by the Moon and the powerful Feminine energies of Intuition and Telepathy. At this time, it is a good idea to reconnect with the energies of the inner Lunar Being, the Moon Goddess, and to allow the quiet waters of the Heart and Soul to flow in Peace and Harmony as a support to the Diamond Light Radiance from the Cosmic Center.

We wish you Love and Radiance in your Journey in June!

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"Change the World! Decide Whether We Should Show Up!"


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

Update For June 2, 2009

Selamat Jarin! We come before you again with more to discuss. In the past, we talked about the changes, both hidden and overt, happening on your world and throughout your reality. These changes are merely mirroring the needs of your global population. Everywhere the perception grows of just how inadequate the policies of government are to the basic requirements of the people. This lack of consensus between government and people is reaching a breaking point. Besides this escalating discrepancy are the issues regarding water, land use, and pollution, matters which rob your populations of good health, decent housing, and proper education. Consequently, unrest is growing rapidly from the grassroots to the top echelons of society. The very nature of the way your world works is pushing for an unavoidable revolution. This global outcry for something more attuned to the needs of the people is further exacerbated by the accelerating rise in consciousness. As you know, we have been watching the growth of this phenomenon for the past decade and a half.

Your world is manifestly in full-throttle transition mode. Take a look at the amount of upheaval all around you and then think how little you know about what is truly going on. Your move toward full consciousness is expanding your awareness both inward: pushing you to discover more of the real you, and outward: where you begin to sense the unfathomable immensity of this multidimensional living universe. It is indeed about to be an age of miracles and wonder! As you move beyond the bounds of the conventional and acceptable, you begin to perceive and explore propositions that hitherto were considered 'imaginary' or outright loopy! Happily, such derisive labels are losing their punch and furthermore, much of what you are feeling has no adequate linguistic expression as yet. You find yourself using, and beginning to trust, an internal faculty of perception, an intuitive 'common sense.' This kind of intuitive perception is anathema to your intellectual pundits, and also greatly unsettles the growing numbers of the general populace who are wrestling with these unaccountable feelings and their very real yet inexplicable 'logic.'

This new reality welling up within you is busting huge holes in the limiting governing precepts of your society and hence, change more in accordance with your growing inner vision is imperative in order to resolve your world's multiplying crises. At first glance Mother Earth can be seen as a fragile world inordinately ravaged by her 'civilizations' for millennia and appears ready to wipe out humanity in her effort to survive. But this leaves out the Love factor, which lies at the core of any new approach to change because it is a primary aspect of consciousness. Once you view reality not in the cold, objective ways of your sciences but with the loving philosophies of the heart, the Love expressed for you by Mother Earth becomes evident. As you add the world of Spirit to your belief system, you begin to appreciate the power of blessings and the wonder of well-placed, positive intentions. This adds a whole new dimension to your experience of what is real and what is not.

As your core beliefs expand, you become able to see how you are changing on many levels and begin to sense the fact that you are not alone. Surrounding you is a vast spiritual host of kindred souls, including the beneficent Beings you call your space family. They are here to see you grow carefree and unfettered, and then help you spread your magnificence ever outward like the eternally blooming lotus. Thus first contact is a means to give you the option to transform your world into something grand. At present your society is at a point where those at the top are concocting one crisis after another in a last-ditch attempt to maintain the chaotic status quo. But a shift in consciousness of the degree you are experiencing demands a complete change of societal direction and profound new perceptions. The old ways cannot simply be adjusted; this struggle between old and new requires something truly radical: your move to full consciousness!

Our ongoing role as observers allows us to chart your progress as wave upon wave of your population tumble to the fact that your conventional societal structures are designed to restrict you and to subtly select some few for special privileges. This structure is falling apart. Too many are growing beyond these controls and are envisioning society in bold, new ways. And still your dyed-in-the-wool cabalists persist in chasing after a compromise! This is no longer acceptable. Clearly the new is in the ascendant, and as it expands upon its agenda the world waits with bated breath for the inevitable victory to manifest at last. As you prepare for a series of triumphs, bear in mind the context we have been discussing as it can help you better understand the gist of what is taking place below the often-misleading surface dramas of your society.

To get a better 'feeling' for what you are going through, we embedded many of our personnel among you and this has taught us much about you. We have studied all classes of people, all types of communities, and a wide range of your different cultures. We have come to know you and Love you. We see the potential in each of you and are appalled by what your society does to you. Some of you have persisted and overcome; others have been emotionally strangled and have fallen. All in all, we are amazed at the way the Anunnaki crafted your society so as to put you to the test in so many ways! Your 'civilization' is simply upside down and back to front, the purpose being to produce individuals who are compliant, gullible, and easily swayed. Such a populace was well suited to the purposes and requirements of your once-dark off-world masters.

To recap, the old mindset has run its course and a wholly new way of looking at things is beginning to change how you see each other and the world you live in and on. It is the rise of this new mindset that Heaven is counting on to transform your reality. The key point here is that you are growing in consciousness and hence, your society is exploring new ways of moving forward. Be very clear that the old ways are failing, and fast. Indeed, this is now abundantly obvious to all of you as you hurtle toward the tipping-point. The crucial attitude of mind here is patience balanced with an active agenda for change. Be ready for what is getting very close; and be likewise prepared for certain vital aspects to take a bit longer than we all would wish. We monitor everything closely and do whatever is needed to bring things to divine fruition.

This period in your history is crammed full of serious crises, but also brings a most special divine intervention. It forms a watershed, with the millennia of your many trying lifetimes under the heel of the dark on the one side, and a new, more highly conscious period that transforms you into a galactic society on the other. These clashing momentums are the lifeblood of these times. As you go through each day, be aware that you are living through a most historic and momentous series of developments and that, by divine decree, this great confrontation has a positive outcome. Know intuitively that that time is near. Then at last we can reunite with you to joyously expedite your evolution back into full consciousness.

Today, we reviewed certain points and added new ones. It is important to maintain patience, with your eyes firmly focused on the prize just ahead. First contact approaches, bringing with it a most exquisite time for us all! We are ready to land and stage the celebrations, transformations, and most eagerly anticipated of all, the grand family reunion! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)